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  Sunday, December 17, 2006
   The Architectural Engineer is distinguished by a unique background in all engineering aspects of a building’s systems and by his appreciation of its architecture. Through a unique academic program at KFUPM, the student of Architectural Engineering acquires a basic knowledge of mathematics and engineering which qualifies him to use materials and natural laws in the design, construction and operational maintenance of a building and its mechanical, electrical, illumination and acoustical systems. Thus, the Architectural Engineer is enriched by his involvement in both technical and architectural aspects of his chosen profession








ARESA - Architectural Engineering Students Association Is a group formed by the KFUPM Architectural Engineering (ARE) students to promote the ARE program within and outside the university. The aim is to develop awareness about the program in general and educate professionals, prospective employers and students with the issues related to building engineering. With an intension of improving the performance of buildings in the Kingdom and establishing Architectural Engineering as a stable and well known profession, this association of students follows an organizational flow that includes; public relations, promotion, students services, and research & development.

Objectives of ARESA

§      To promote the ARE program and its major fields among professionals and students in the Kingdom.

§      To develop an interaction between the prospective/current ARE students and the building industry with the aim to educate and train ARE students towards a better future and affective contribution towards efficient built environment.

§      To establish an informative and healthy communication forum between ARE faculty and students including freshmen and orientation students of the university.


President & Founder of ARESA




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