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AL-Zahrani, Muhammad is my full name. I was born in Al-Baha, Saudi Arabia 1984. When I was a child, I traveled with my family to Jeddah (The place I like the most). I joined KFUPM in 2002 as small student (Orea -أوريا ).In fact,I faced the biggest problem in my life in the first 4 months because I did not know what was going around me. I learned lot about English language since I get the two courses twice.


Now, I am trying to obtain my B.S. in electrical engineering, Power section because I like it and it is the most needed in Saudi Arabia.   This is my main goal. After graduation, I want to join Schneider Electric Company in Al-kobar, Saudi Arabia. After that, I will be free to do what I want to do. No Home works, No assignments will run after me. 


In English 214, I would like to learn how to do a very good report and letter. I will try to chat with my classmates because I want to improve my speaking. At the end of the course I may try to take Toefl test. It will be excellent support in my resume.




Al-Zahrani, Muhammad