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My name is Rushdi I Barnawi. I came from Jeddah which located on the Western region on the Kingdom. I graduated from Al-Marwah hi-school and I wanted to continued my higher education either at KAAU or KFUPM (which I preferred) and thank to Allah, I've been accepted at KFUPM. I like computer( and it's related) electronics, sports and video games. There is no much to tell but if you really want to know me closer, feel free to contact me at my E-MAIL


I'm a student how's major is Software Engineering. I has chosen this major based on my interest in computer. I have also taken a major decision quiz which suggested to me this major. However, I had a doubt wither I wont to be really on this major or in Computer Science until I took the first course on the major. starting from that day, my interest in the major is growing more and more. So if you want to be my major mate, or if you want to know more about this major, you may download the Student Guide.