King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

SWE 363: Homework 2 (Term: 082)

Done by: Rushdi Barnawi, 233037
Prepared for: Dr. El-alfy and Dr. Al- Sukari

  1. Fill the form
  2. Press the add button to add the entered data to an XML document then clear the form to allow data for another faculty member to be entered
  3. Press the Convert button to convert from the input fprm to an XML format.
  4. Press the View XML button to show the XML document in the browser using the default view.
  5. Press the View Styled XML button to show all faculties from the XML document in a colored table format.
  6. If you make mistakes and want to clear the entered data, press the Clear Form button

Faculty Information

Kindelly fill the following form?

Name           ;            
E- mail           ;            
Tel                     &nb sp;      
URL                 &nb sp;       
Areas of Instructor
Membership          ;   
Rank           ;          &n bsp;  

Convert From Input to XML and Style the View