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My Biography:

My Name is Nadeer Al Shyookh and I'm a computer science student at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals AKA KFUPM.
I chose my major based on my interest in programing and I am enjoying it so far due to the fact that I learn new stuff every semester, such as making a website :P.
I am 23 years old single you can click on my name to see a picture of me.

My Hobbies:

I have alot of hobbies, I like watching movies, Series and animes.
I also love playing video games, i like games that requires thinking, such as chess.
I like reading books, some i download from the net and others i buy. For more details about my hobbies click here

My Life at KFUPM:

In this section i'l talk about the courses i took and loved at the university and the courses I plan on taking.
I still need 24 hours to graduate from which the only required ICS course i didnt take is ICS-410 "Programming Languages".
There is also one ICS elective and i plan to take the Advanced Database Systems course for it(ICS-424).
I enjoyed most of the courses i took but the most enjoyable one was the O.S course.
Down below you can see a scedule of the courses im taking this semester, you can click at each course to see more information about it.

Networking LAB DW & DM Network AI WEB

Contact Us:

you can right your name, email and any feed back and send to me here.


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