Scope Statement

Project Title: Hospital Management System

Date: April 6, 2009

Project Justification:

Ministry of health requested the development of this system to assist hospital in managing their work. the system will provide help in different ways. First it will help keeping and updating patients and staff information. It will also help in searching for any of the information and provide a big picture of the work of the hospitals. It will also provide an on-line system for patient to take appointments with doctors and this way it will increase the work and hence the profit.

Product Characteristics and Requirements:

  1. Managing the hospital: The system will allow to add facilities of the hospital, Clinics , laboratories , patients’ rooms and other facilities.
  2. Finical management: The system will provide some finical features for the hospital using. Like adding the incomes and produce bills for the patients.
  3. Adding staff and patients: The system will allow adding staff and patients information and store them in the database with appropriate category.
  4. Creating medical files: When adding a new patient, the system will create a medical file for him and that file will be updated every time he visit the hospital. It will also be accessible by doctors to add their information about the visit of the patient to the clinic.
  5. Search feature : The system will provide an advanced search feature for the patients and other information
  6. Appointment features: The system will allow creating appointment for patients to meet doctors. Also this will be available by the online web site.
  7. Report generation: The system have report section which will allow to generate different types of reports on demand, for example: medical report and other types of reports related to the staff and the hospital operation.
  8. Online website: The system will be associated with an online website which will provide some information about the hospital and the services it provide. Also it will contain and appointment request as mentioned in the “Appointment features” .
  9. Security: The system will provide different level of security. The medical files have the higher security and it can’t be accessible by any one. And the whole system will be secured too.

Summary of Project Deliverables

Project Management Related Deliverables

Business case, Charter, Team contract, Scope statement, WBS, Schedule, Cost baseline, Status reports, Final project presentation, Final project report, Lessons learned report and any other documents required to manage the project.

Product Related Deliverable

  1. Survey: A team will contact hospital doctors, staff and patients to determine the best interface and website content. this will be backed up by prototypes of the major parts of the software for more feedback.
  2. System capacity: The system’s capacity to hold files for the staff, patients and management will be unlimited by the software, but by the hardware capacity you’re using.
  3. Installation: Once the system is completed and agreed on, we will install it on all of the hospital’s computers.
  4. Maintenance: We will provide maintenance for the system and the website for 5 years of the installation date.
  5. Training: A one week course will be available for 500 of the hospital’s staff on how to use the system.
  6. User Manual: A user manual for the staff will be available. Also, an online user manual on the website will be available for the patients.

Project Success Criteria