Courses i have this semester 092

this semester i have many software courses which i really enjoy such as SWE326, SWE363 or SWE387. all of them contain useful knowledge which will help in my next future job.

in web engineering course, many things are most likely needed by todays demand from many organisation such as building a web pages and blogs and any thing related to web development thea is needed to be learned. the main difference in this courese and other such courses is that in this course we follow the software process of development such waterfall development process which is much powerfull and secure way of developin a web project with eliminating the possibility of failuer.

enjoy my site and have fun.


Summer Training NEWS

i just wanted to mention that i visited the department of student training and they told me that you can start looking for hosting company for your internship and not wait for the registeration. this is the form that you have to fill it from the company internship advisor and your acadamic trainig advisor which i think in SWE is DR. Elsayed EL-Alfy.