Welcome to The Saudi Honeynet Project

Saudi Honeynet Project aims at laying the ground for providing information surrounding security threats and vulnerabilities currently active in the networks of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The goal is to learn the tools, tactics, and motives of the hackers and attackers and to share these lessons learned with the public and the wider IT community. This project scope clearly falls within the five-year IT Plan of KSA, whereby security is given a top priority.

The project aims to setup and configure a reasonable-size pilot honeynet to be deployed on the KFUPM campus networks to collect, analyze, and assess the security of these networks. This pilot honeynet can then be extended to a larger and more complex honeynet to be deployed at different locations in KSA networks.

The honeynet project is very popular in many countries and universities around the world and has generated enormous publicity and research interest. This proposed Saudi Honeynet Project will enable KFUPM researchers in the security field to collaborate with the global honeynet community researchers who are involved in investigating security within IT systems around the globe. Valuable findings of this project will also be disseminated among KSA government organizations and corporate sector; thus contributing to improve confidence in cyber information security. The project will also increase the awareness of cyber attacks in KSA. A number of graduate students or research assistants will also participate under the supervision of the principal investigator and co-investigators.